One of the most accomplished interpreters of the large American Song book, John Pizzarelli is known for his brilliant guitarist career and his wonderfull voice. After twenty recording sessions, he began to find his place on the international scene. John Pizzarelli marked the traditional jazz through his interpretations and his clean way of playing guitar. Indeed, as he was 6 years old, he began to learn how to play the guitar with a teacher who was one of jazz guitar Master in the 40's, his father, "Mister" Bucky Pizzarelli. John Pizzarelli developed his own technique, with a seven strings electric guitar which is not very usual.
  Once he controlled this instrument, he has made it possible to use a bass line on the seventh string, which is of course not possible on a standard model. Trailing with his dad, the young Pizzarelli performed all the jazz standards during more than twenty years.
  Thus, John began his professional career at the side of his famous father. Later, he dared to take his first steps, on his own, and in 1982, he created the John Pizzarelli trio with Ray Kennedy on piano and his brother Martin Pizzarelli on bass.
  The trio played in the entire United States and in Europe. They were selected to make the first part of Mr Frank Sinatra concerts. John Pizzarelli has given to the jazz elegance and modernity, giving access today to young people.
In 1999, John Pizzarelli has been elected "Jazz singer" of the year in a specialized newspaper. For Pizzarelli, the comparison with Nat King Cole is the biggest compliment that can be done to him.  
Indeed, Nat King Cole's wife, Maria Cole, makes herself the comparison with her late husband.  
John Pizzarelli remains agreeably surprised and answered in a newspaper:
I could not believe that she said that of me!
and adds quickly,
We do not try to copy Mr Nat King Cole, I always say that we are a prolongation, a contemporary version of what he was.
Influenced by Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra, Sammy Cahn, George and Ira Gershwin, Jimmy Van Heusen... Pizzarelli adds a kind of freshness with his guitar. His music paints the joy of life, and a kind of freedom's feeling.