In today's music world, jazz becomes rare. Moreover, acoustic jazz musicians are not supposed to get rewards like gold or platinum albums, or to sell quite simply. During the ten last years, somebody transgressed these rules and showed that a jazz musician can, in fact, being appreciated by everyone. Her name is Diana Krall.  
Not only, the singer and Canadian pianist became the artist recognized in the jazz' world, but she plays also for the young generation. A great moment of her beginnings has been the concert in Paris (Olympia in November and December 2001). Diana Krall plays with jazz musicians who come especially from Los Angeles, coherent and intuitive: the bass player John Clayton, the drumer Jeff Hamilton, and the guitarist Anthony Wilson.  
In few songs, she also plays with John Pisano (a famous guitarist known for his Bossa Nova rhythms ) and Costa de Paulinho a Brazilian percussionnist (who played in many albums for Michael Jackson, Madonna etcÂ…) and Alan Broadbent (who leads the European Symphony orchestra as well as Paris Jazz Big Band).
In various interviews Diana Krall says:
"My preferred singers all played piano: Dinah Washington, Roberta Flack, Klaxon de Shirley, Andy Bey, Aretha Franklin, Sarah Vaughan, and particularly Carmen McRae. They were really important for me and were my greater influences": her style results from these various artists.
Before her fifteen's birthday, she had already played in a restaurant, but this first contact with a public which came simply to eat and not to listen to her, was difficult.
Her father encouraged her interest for jazz, because he was a pianist influenced by the artists of his time like Waller, James P. Johnson, and comte "Fatha" Hines.
Diana Krall studied at the prestigious university of Berklee, and after two years in Boston, she went to Los Angeles, where she met some Jazz Masters, like John Clayton and Jimmy Rowles.
Between 1998 and 2000, she gained double platinum albums in Canada, and her album "The Look of love" won three awards: the best artist, the best album, and the best jazz album. In September 2001, she won also platinum in Australia, New-Zealand, Poland, Portugal, Singapore, and in England.
It is just incredible for a jazz artist ...
The Look Of Love